How it Works

Bideo is an online auction house for newsworthy videos and photos.


Did you capture something amazing? Whether you're a Pro or an average Joe, you can make a bundle by selling it on the Bideo Exchange.

The Bideo message is simple: stop giving away your video and photos for anything less than market value, and start selling them to the media.

Listing an item is free and easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Upload. Choose your auction settings, describe the video or photo you are selling, select the file and click upload. You agree the item is not published or sold elsewhere, and will not be unless the auction is cancelled.
  2. Watermark. During the upload, a copy of the original is made with the Bideo watermark interlaced. This protected copy is what buyers will see during the auction. The original file is secured in your Bideo Bank, which only you can access.
  3. List the Item. Upon submission, the watermarked copy is listed and the auction begins. Anybody is able to view the item and place a bid, and Bideo will notify the most relevant buyers. As a seller, you can monitor and manage your Sell List and other activity in your My Bideo account.
  4. Auction Ends. You are notified and a payment request is sent to the winning bidder. Once payment is received, the buyer is granted exclusive rights and access to the original file. If there are no bidders, the auction automatically restarts. You can cancel or edit the listing at any time.
  5. Get Paid. You will receive a 75% cut of the final bid price. The more you sell, the higher the cut!

Making money is that easy on Bideo - where media competes, and YOU win. Upload Now!