What is Bideo?[ open all ]

  • is the first and only online exchange where creators of breaking news video and photos can manually protect and sell their content directly to publications in an auction setting. The Bideo message to creators is simple: stop giving away amazing videos and photos, and start selling them.


    A tornado tearing across a field, a plane landing in a river, an amateur dunking on an NBA star, or candid shots of misbehaving celebrities, some pictures and videos are rare gems that are often the direct result of a camera phone being in the right place at the right time. The increasing amount of valuable content being produced by citizen journalists is garnering interest from major publications, which are now welcoming an opportunity to access, purchase and publish such images. 


    So, did you capture something amazing on camera? A photo of a celebrity? A video of an incredible news event? Whatever it is, if it's newsworthy, think twice before giving it away. You never know who might want it, and for how much. Listing is free, so get started!

  • Bideo is a revolutionary content source that enables buyers to quickly find breaking, exclusive images that are otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain.

    Today the independent, and often amateur, photojournalist is becoming increasingly responsible for capturing the most newsworthy, on-the-scene exclusives. A new kind of content is emerging from a new kind of producer, and Bideo is a new solution that permits both buyers and sellers to harness its value.

    Bideo is not an agency, but a platform directly linking publications and other buyers to editorial content created by independent sellers. There is no human middleman or complicated red tape to hinder efficiency or delay immediacy, allowing buyers to purchase images straight from the seller in a secure, one-time transaction.

    Streamlining and automating the process by which buyers and independent sellers interact results in unprecedented efficiency, which in turn yields higher commissions to sellers, and lower prices to the buyers.

    Plugging into Bideo is free, so why not?  Register now so you don't miss the next big shot. 


  • So you captured something amazing on camera. Now what? Here's our advice: DON'T GIVE IT AWAY!

    If you think it's incredible and newsworthy, odds are that somebody out there is willing to bid on the rights to publish it. So think twice before leaking it to the public before listing it on Bideo.

    Bideo gives you the ability to protect your image, promote it and profit from it by selling it in an auction. Listing is quick, easy, and free. 

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Sellers[ open all ]

  • Bideo is optimized for selling editorial content.  That is, images relating to people and events that are newsworthy or of public interest.  i.e. A natural disaster on video, or a photo of a celebrity.

    The more extraordinary and exclusive your shot is, the better.  If you suspect demand might exist for it, it’s probably worth listing your content on Bideo.

    Although the site is geared mostly for editorial shots, the beauty of Bideo is that any image that you think is valuable to anyone can be listed on the site, provided it is not pornographic and does not violate the Terms of Use.

    In fact, content doesn't necessarily have to be earth shattering or globally relevant in order to be sellable.  Even something as trivial as a video of a fender bender on the freeway can be of significant value to your local TV news broadcasters.  Yes, earth shattering is better, but don't write off your shot simply because it's not a huge story.

  • To list an item on Bideo you must first be logged in.  If you do not have an account, click here to Register.
    Begin the listing process by clicking the Upload & Sell tab.  Once you've selected the settings for your auction, describe your content as accurately and thoroughly as possible.  Tell the story behind the image by explaining the Who, What, When and Where.
    You will then be asked to upload a video or photo from your computer.  If you have additional photos, you can add up to 25 by clicking Upload & Add Photos. Otherwise simply click Upload & Confirm.
    Bideo accepts multiple file formats.  The following are recommended.
    • Photo: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG
    • Video: .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4
    Note: Video uploads may take several minutes, so be patient.
    Once your file is uploaded and the auction is listed, you will be able to monitor your item in the Sell List section of your My Bideo account.

  • If your item sells, you will be paid within 12 to 24 hours after the transaction is finalized with the buyer. 

    You are not required to share any financial information until your item sells. This makes it easy for you to list your shot quickly without hassle. Why share your info unnecessarily? 

    If your item sells, Bideo will contact you directly as soon as payment is received from the buyer. From there we will establish your preferred payment method and get you paid.    

    We can send your 75% cut either via PayPal, direct deposit, or by check to your physical address, it’s up to you. You can edit this preference anytime in your My Bideo account under Profile > Payment.

  • Bideo accepts many file formats.  The following formats are recommended:
    • Photo: .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG
    • Video: .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4

  • The default auction setting is a 7-day exclusive license, which goes into effect when the transaction is finalized with the buyer.  Once this period expires, all rights revert to you.

    You retain the copyright to your shot, unless otherwise communicated by you.

    In some cases, selling the full copyright can result in a higher final bid price, as some buyers might be willing to pay more for a perpetual exclusive.

  • Bideo is working with publications around the world to ensure that your shot is put in front of the most relevant buyers immediately after it is listed.  
    Our network consists of major national and international outlets including TV news broadcasters, supermarket tabloids, online celebrity sites, newspapers and magazines. Bideo's reach also extends to the local level, where publications in the same media market will compete for content that is relevant within that geographic region.  
    These buyers value the content you produce more than anyone. They're already plugged into Bideo, and are waiting for you list the next best shot!
    Another valuable aspect of Bideo is that we allow anyone to become a buyer on the site.  You never know who might want to buy a particular video or photo, so we feel it's important not to alienate potential bidders.  Plus, you might have a better idea of who your buyer base is, which is why we give you the ability to promote the listing as well.

  • In order to protect you and the value of your content, communication between buyers and sellers is limited to the information available on the auction page.
    This being the case, it is important to be as thorough as possible when describing your item.  Put yourself in a buyer's shoes, then answer any questions you would have before placing a bid.

  • If you selected the Auto-Relist option during the upload process, the auction will automatically be relisted under the original auction settings. If you wish to edit the auction details or simply cancel the auction, you may do so in your Sell List. 

    If you did not select the Auto-Relist option, the auction will end and the image will be stored in your Bideo Bank. From there you can re-list the auction at your own discretion. 

  • DO NOT list content that is infringing, unauthentic/manipulated, stolen, illegally obtained (i.e. invasion of privacy), pornographic, unjustifiably explicit*, or anything else that might violate the Terms of Use, as you will be held responsible for all content you submit.

    *Some authentic news events contain explicit material by nature and are thus justified.

    Bideo is not a platform for stock footage.  The Bideo system was created to help you sell that rare, amazing shot that nobody else has.  If you have a stock image that you want licensed to multiple parties in a stock sale format, you’re probably better off listing it on a stock site.

    Bideo is not a video or photo sharing site.  Yes, we all love the video of your cute dog chasing its tail in the living room… but let’s be honest – how amazing is it?  Would anyone want to buy it?  If not, don’t waste your time.

    Our business is helping you sell amazing shots to publications that want your footage, so we measure success in the dollars you make, not view counts or ad clicks.  We’re not interested in being the most popular, getting the most uploads or attracting the most views.  We’re about quality, not quantity. 

  • The auctions you are participating in can be monitored in the Dashboard section of your My Bideo page.

  • At Bideo it is our job to make sure that your shot is put in front of the most relevant publications out there. Our notification system matches the subject material of your shot with buyers that are most likely interested, automatically alerting them the moment your item is listed.

    Through SEO and effortless site navigation, anyone interested in your work can quickly search and find your content. So even if we miss a potential buyer, they can still easily find your listing.

    You can also manually promote your shot to people and publications you think might be interested. Sometimes you might know more about your shot than we do, so we give you the ability to share it the way you see fit. The more people who know about it, the more bids you’re likely to get (a.k.a. higher price).

  • Initial instinct is the first step, but be reasonable. Ask yourself if you think it’s amazing. If you were a news editor or another potential buyer, would you want to get your hands on that shot?  Ask your friends, too. Do they think it’s amazing? If so, you might have a winner, so get moving!

    Do research. Find out if potential demand exists for your shot. If it’s newsworthy, find out if your story is a hot one.  Is there anyone featured in the shot that might want to buy it? Consider all possible value points associated with your image, and then promote your listing in those directions. 

    In the end, the best way to find out if your shot is amazing is to list it. The market will eventually reveal how amazing (or un-amazing) it is. Bideo was built precisely for this purpose.

  • As a seller, you are 100% liable for all content that you submit to Bideo. Any abuse of the site will not be tolerated, so be smart.

    Do not list content that is infringing, unauthentic/manipulated, stolen, illegally obtained (i.e. invasion of privacy), pornographic, unjustifiably explicit*, or anything else that might violate the Terms of Use, as you will be held responsible for all content you submit.

    *Some authentic news events contain explicit material by nature and are thus justifiable. 

    Do not publish a sold shot while the license period is still in effect, or do anything to violate the transaction agreement with the buyer.  See the Terms of Use for more information on this.

    Committing any of the violations described above and/or any other fraudulent activity can result in immediate termination of your Bideo account, and may be subject to criminal charges pursuable by the affected parties.  

  • Yes, however you may only do so if your auction does not have any bids. If your auction has at least one bid, you may not edit or cancel. This policy is meant to protect the bidder.
    If you do not have any bids, you may edit or cancel the auction in your Sell List under the My Bideo tab. 
    If cancelled, the auction ends and the image is stored in your Bideo Bank, where you will have the option to either re-list the item or simply delete it. 

  • Your activity on Bideo is as anonymous as you want it to be. If you don’t want your identity revealed on Bideo, simply do not communicate details about yourself in your username or auction info.

    DO NOT assume that anonymity relieves you of liability for your activity on the site and the content you submit to Bideo. Any violations and illicit behavior incurred on your behalf are pursuable by all affected parties, and Bideo will comply by doing what we can to facilitate prosecution in legitimate cases. Just because you are anonymous doesn't mean you're not trackable, so be smart. Don't give us reason to hand your information to the authorities.

  • Newsworthy images can be difficult to price, especially non-professional, user-created images. Amateur breaking news is a new kind of content with a new kind of creator that requires a new kind of approach. Like Bideo.

    It’s all about getting true market value for your shot. And applying free market dynamics and transparency in the form of an open auction system is the best way to achieve it. Only the Bideo auction system offers independent professional and amateur creators a chance to let the open market decide the price of their images so they can get the true market value for their work.   

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Buyers[ open all ]


  • In order to protect you and the integrity of the Bideo system, communication between buyers and sellers is limited to the information available on the auction page. 

    If you have a question that is not answered on the auction page, you may send your question to Please include the name of the auction and any other pertinent information.

  • Unless otherwise specified in the listing, when an item is purchased the buyer is given a 7 day worldwide exclusive license to publish the image.

    Under this license the image may be published an unlimited number of times in a single publication.  It may not be published anywhere outside of that specific publication, including other mediums.

    After 7 days the exclusive license will expire.  The buyer will retain perpetual non-exclusive rights to publish the image in the same publication.

  • If an auction ends and you are the winning bidder, you have won the auction. A notification email will be sent to you with payment instructions. Once full payment is received, the item will be available in the Bideo Bank section of your My Bideo account. From there you will be able to download the image.

    Note: Full payment MUST be submitted within 2 hours of the auction's end. If you fail to pay in this time period, the auction will reset and you will no longer be the winning bidder. This policy is necessary to prevent ill-willed users from sabotaging time sensitive items by winning auctions and not paying.  

  • The ability to purchase photos as a set (or series) in one auction will be available soon.

    In the meantime, each photo in a set will be listed in separate auctions and priced individually by the seller. 

    If you wish to purchase all photos as a set to get exclusive coverage, you can place bids on each related listing and/or choose the Buy Now option. If an item is a part of a set of photos, it will be communicated by the seller on the auction page.

  • If a seller chooses to include a Buy Now option in his listing, you can forego the auction by purchasing the item outright.  

  • As a general rule, all bids on Bideo are binding and cannot be retracted. 

    Accidents do happen, however, and a bid might be retractable if the circumstances meet the requirements of our Bid Retraction policy.

    To appeal a bid, you must submit a bid retraction request to within 1 hour of placing your bid in order for the request to be considered.

    Note: There is no equivalent for bid retraction in Buy Now listings, or for listings where the bidding has ended. Once you've confirmed your purchase, you are obligated to pay the seller.


  • In this private beta launch, Bideo is collaborating with several independent photojournalists located within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. These individuals are some of the best celebrity and freelance news photographers in the industry. They will be submitting content exclusively to Bideo, where they will be in full control of their sale, maximizing their ability to attain true market value for their work and a more reasonable commission.

    Beyond the private beta, Bideo plans to launch publicly and recruit amateur and professional photographers worldwide.  Our ultimate goal is to become the worldwide marketplace for newsworthy content captured by everyday citizens who happen to be in the right place right at the right time with a camera. Bideo aspires to be a gathering point for largest and most dynamic set of content producers in the world - everyone!  Furthermore, we will be providing buyers with the proper tools needed to best manage and leverage the value of such an extraordinary source.

    When you buy on Bideo, you are buying directly from the seller. Bideo is merely a platform serving as a link between buyer and seller, and does not take ownership or responsibility for the auctions listed on the site.

  • The auctions you are participating in can be monitored in the Dashboard section of your My Bideo page.

  • You do not need an account to view content on Bideo.  To bid on an item, however, you must be logged in.

    If you do not have an account, click here to Register.

    Bidding takes place on the auction page of any given listing. Place a bid by entering the desired bid amount in the bid box at the top right corner of the auction page. Your bid must be at least $1.00 more than the current bid price. 

    If the seller has made it an option, you can choose Buy Now if you do not want to wait for the auction to end. Doing so will forego the auction, causing you to win the item outright.

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